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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay for hosting?

Hosting will be a cinch! It’ll take about 5 minutes to set up and I’ll walk you through the whole thing. Your website will be hosted through Webflow’s “Basic” or “CMS” hosting plan depending on your site.

How do I connect my website to my domain name?

Piece of cake! I’ll help you connect your domain in less than 15 minutes. We just need to add 4 records to your DNS settings. Super boring but surprisingly easy!

What content do I put on my pages?

I’ll use Donald Miller’s StoryBrand Framework to write all of your website’s copy. I’ll share a summary of the framework when we meet or you can read his best-selling book Building a StoryBrand. You’ll always have the final say on the content of your site and you can edit what I write.

Do I need to give you access to any of my accounts?

No, you’ll never have to give me any of your passwords or sensitive information of any kind.

Your Dream Site in 3 Steps

Talk to Joe

1. Answer Some Questions

I’ll ask you about what you do and use your answers to come up with all the words that go on your website. Don’t worry, you can edit what I write.

2. Pick Your Design Style

To confirm your style preferences, I’ll send you 10+ design samples for reference. You tell me which ones you like and I’ll design a website tailored just for you.

3. You're Done!

I’ll turn the approved final design into a real live website. All you need to do is pay for hosting and connect your domain to your new site (I’ll show you how).

Pretty Soon You’ll Say…

"I was feeling overwhelmed about building a website for my new business but after my first session with Joe, I knew I was in good hands. He helped me bring my ideas into focus and the final product was even cooler than what I had imagined. My friends in web design and marketing all say the site is outstanding, and I am proud to share it with the world. Thank you, Joe!"

J.Paul Fridenmaker
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“Our old website was outdated, confusing to navigate, and changes took forever to make. Joe built us a site that is sleek and easy to use. Our visitors now spend more time on the site and we keep content current without long, tedious delays.”

George Toles
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